Welcome to Ayrenergy

Ayrenergy Ltd was established to generate electricity from the rich resource of wind in Orkney. The project is located on the family farm based in the parish of Deerness on the east coast of Orkney. The project saw the construction of 3 Enercon E44 turbines with a capacity to generate 2.7MW of green electricity.

After carefully following a 3 year planning process and one year of construction the wind farm is now in operation. Wind power is widely recognised as an environmentally friendly renewable source of electricity which can be used to substitute carbon based fuels in the energy supply sector for Scotland. Orkney has already established itself as a major contributor to achieving the low emission targets set by the government for 2020. The Ayrenergy project hopes to contribute to this as well as provide benefits to the local economy and community.

Company Number SC 363794 (Scotland)